The following items are available for purchase! If you are interested, please send your inquiries here. Customization options are available!


This is a combination cat fort and scratching post made as a housewarming gift. It is constructed of solid, untreated pine and held together with nails.
There is no glue, varnish or paint that could flake off and poison the cat. All cosmetic details are burned into the wood for a beautiful and natural finish.
The sail is made of unbleached cotton and features a pair of dingle bells. The hull of the boat measures approximately 12" by 18" by 7" and the mast is 19" high.


Turbocat investigates her new boat.


This is another variation on the cat fort/scratching post, this time modelled after a battle tank. Constructed in the same manner as the sailboat out of solid, untreated
pine, the main chassis measures approximately 12" by 12" by 18". The dorsal panel can be opened for easier access, and a cushion or blanket can be placed inside.

Tank commander Charlie enjoys some downtime during the Great Puppy War.